This practical fun session is an amazing introduction to glass fusing. You will get the opportunity to learn some basics steps and ultimately make up to a maximum of 5 small items. e.g. a small abstract sun catcher, two small glass curve/arc or one S larger stand up “S”wave or glass size equivalent of floral, landscape or basic row of houses design and time permitting coasters&/or small 10cm square dish. We can adapt this session to help you select a suitable design of your choice for the S Wave or arcs. This 6-hour session includes advanced teaching and more time for us to help you think about & make your designs compared to the shorter 3-hour session.  

Teaching includes glass cutting skills, a simple understanding of the way fused glass behaves when fired and how to select glass colour options to make your individual designs.  

 We offer a colourful array of sheet glass, frits, stringers, ribbons and for small detail enamel pens for your designs on a base of colourless transparent glass, in our well-equipped studio. 

We limit the group to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 students to allow a maximum amount of time with your tutor.  

Your glass pieces will be fired and made ready for collection within 4 weeks of the class. A small charge will be made if postage is required.  

Hot and cold refreshments with biscuits are provided throughout the class. If you have a dietary need, please inform the tutor in advance of the class.  

Lunch is from approximately 12.30 to 1.30. We can book a space at Crofton Hall Coffee Shop if required. Please let us know in advance.  

Please ensure you wear closed back & toe shoes, something comfortable that will avoid flowing into your work. Thick “bottom “wear is essential e.g. jeans. You will be working with sharp glass and there is the danger of small cuts. If you wear glasses for reading, please bring them along. Eye protection must be worn throughout the classroom. Plasters are provided, if you have an allergy, please bring your own supply.  

Please get in touch with the studio if you would like this session as a private group session. We can also facilitate different dates to advertise if 3 or more students wish to attend. 

Students must be 16 years of age or older. Please see terms and conditions.  

Finally prepare to become addicted to glass fusing!